so it has come to this

I don’t consider myself to be cool.  I have a naturally obstinate personality that results in my refusing to see films that everyone says are amazing (i.e. Inception) and I rarely understand the current ‘trends’.  I’m also prone to rants about Star Trek and tend to embarrass myself and those around me on the regular.  These are things about me that I have come to accept, and those who love me have decided to dub them ‘idiosyncrasies’.  I’m still not sure why people hang out with me.

You can imagine my shock when I was hanging out with friend Amy a few weeks ago, feasting on wine and Oreos, and discovered that she was coveting the beat up cat pillows my grandmother made me in 1994.  What are you saying? I wondered.  Those have been with me for years!

‘I don’t know, Kiri,’ she said.  ‘You’re just so hip.’


Did someone break into my apartm– …Wait.

I’ve been a little lost ever since this happened.  I find a great deal of comfort in my status as Decidedly Uncool.  It’s been a refuge for me since my middle school days, when I was mocked for my four-stripe Adidas knock-offs.  When you understand that you are not now nor ever will be cool, you’re given license to do whatever you want and enjoy whatever you enjoy.  Much like being labeled a nerd (a title I bear proudly), the Uncool can go on reading fantasy YA fiction with a stoic middle finger directed at the rest of the universe.  If my tattered Grandma pillows are now desirous, what other prized, uncool possessions of mine have now crossed over into the world of Tragically Hip?

Further research was required.  And according to the internet, I am swiftly headed for the Cool Kids Table.

Things I Have Always Loved That Are Now Trendy
Facial Hair
Scrabble (TM)
Batman (TM)
Old Maps
Bill Murray (probably also TM)

Last night while brushing my teeth, I happened to glance up at myself in the mirror.  There I was in my black plastic glasses and ‘Star T-Rex’ t-shirt, my bangs still damp from my shower, my giant tabby across my shoulder.  And I found myself thinking, ‘Oh hell.  I’ve become a meme.’

Welcome to the Summit of the Recently Hip.


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