why do people only say ‘humbug’ during december?

Saturday night I spent a lot of time writing a heartfelt post about loving and respecting each other and not allowing ourselves to blame small-mindedness on our respective religious dogmas.  It was a solid post, and I got a bit emotional while writing it.  There’s some personal stuff in there, and I was proud of myself for writing it out and opening up about some things.

And then I discovered that my cat has swiped my flash drive and squirreled it away in parts unknown.  Search parties have been called out, but to no avail.  Hope is fading.  Morale is low.

Suspect has been apprehended but remains uncooperative.

Suspect is in custody but remains uncooperative.

So instead of all that, I want to wish all of you celebrating a Happy Christmas and all of you not celebrating an excellent day off work.  And to all of you who are stuck at work, I am so very, very sorry and I will not blame you at all if you sneak off into the break room for a therapeutic doughnut and covert gulp from the flask you stashed in your coat pocket before you left for work.  And if someone didn’t buy you a flask specifically to stash in your coat pocket because you are at work on Christmas Day and definitely dealing with some kind of malarkey, there is some gross negligence happening up in there and I feel your pain, friend.  I really do.  But it isn’t your fault.  This too shall pass.

Clearly I have worked retail before.

May all of you be cozy, warm, and well-fed, surrounded by friends, family, or a kleptomaniac cat.  And if there can’t be peace on Earth, may there at least be peace in your homes and hearts.  And if there isn’t peace in your home because Uncle Edwin started in about 9/11 conspiracies again, may there be plenty of eggnog to get you through the day and the promise that you will totally laugh about this later.


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