by way of explanation

For your entertainment, I now present a gif-heavy representation of how it feels to be an assistant stage manager during tech week.  Please enjoy.


Fig. 1: The resolute determination that you are about to enter tech and are missing several items of needed run crew information due to unknown factors involving the space

facepalm x 2

Fig. 2: The crushing realization that aforementioned information does not as of yet exist at cue-to-cue


spaced scream

Fig. 3: The discovery that the first night of tech with all needed technical elements is also the first night of previews

every time

Fig. 4: The result of opening your fridge after crawling home from first dress at 00.15 last night, knowing you have at least an hour’s worth of paperwork to correct

despondent jawn

Fig. 5: Your response upon anyone stating that these things always work out alright in the end


Fig. 6: Your automatic response when asked about your current condition

such artist

Fig. 7: The promise that one day you will be conscious enough to write blog posts with actual words in them again


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