for your entertainment

Wonderful gems of the internet to get you through the day.

Beau & Arrow — Snippets of life from two very sweet girls.

The Belle Jar — A beautiful blog about writing, struggling, and being.

The Bloggess — If you aren’t reading Jenny Lawson’s blog, you seriously need to reevaluate your life choices.

Boggle the Owl — Advice on life and kindness from a very smart owl.

Drawing Parallel(s) — A webcomic about trying to write a webcomic.

GatewayBand – LA — My amazing best friend’s amazing new music podcast, lovingly crafted for Los Angelians once a week.

Hyperbole and a Half — The internet loves Allie Brosh.  You should, too.

I Am Begging My Mother Not to Read This Blog — A twenty-something costume designer who’s just trying to get by.

Pictures for Sad Children — I’m so sorry if you’re disappointed.

Poorly Drawn Lines — Reza Farazmand is my comedic soul mate.  I love  him from afar.

Relentlessly Cheerful Art — Wrap yourself in the joyful art of James Hance.

Sad Hulk — At least one of these dudes is super awesome.  We have really awkward conversations at parties.

Shana Logic — Handmade joy at reasonable prices.


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